Barry Railway Carriage 45

Barry Railway carriage 45 was built at the Manchester works of Ashburys for the Barry Railway Company in South Wales. It was built to diagram 2 and has six third class compartments. In 1922 the Great Western Railway absorbed the Barry Railway at which time number 45 was renumbered 465. It was withdrawn from running stock in 1928 and found further use without its six-wheeled underframe as a grounded body holiday home at Starcross in Devon.

45 entered preservation in 1985 at the West Somerset Railway and moved to the Vale of Glamorgan Railway at Barry, South Wales during 2000. After the Vale of Glamorgan Railway was wound down the coach body was moved to storage at Old Radnor, awaiting future restoration. Ownership was transferred to the Barry Railway Carriage Trust in 2016. Possible plans for 45 invlove converting the coach to contain a brake compartment with wheelchair access facilities. This would make an ideal companion to 163 if both were restored to service.

Number 45 at Barry in 2009

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