Former Southern Railway Van C 436

This guards and luggage van (type BY) was built by the Southern Railway at Eastleigh in 1937 to diagram 3092 as part of lot number 928. After almost 40 years in service as a parcels/luggage van, in 1971 it was transferred to departmental use and renumbered ADB975140 for use as a staff van.

The van was preserved from departmental use on British Rail in 1993 and moved to the Gwili Railway in 1994. The body was scrapped in 2000, with the underframe moving to the Severn Valley Railway in 2001. After being delivered to Hampton Loade by rail using GWR 813 and the SVR's steam crane, the underframe of ADB975140 was modified over the next 2 years before the body of Barry Railway 163 was lifted onto its new underframe in 2003.

ADB975140 at Gwili in 2000

Conversion underway at Hampton Loade in 2002

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